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You Take Care Of Your Business, We Will Attend To The Rest!

From sparkling floors, well-ventilated rooms, an efficient plumbing system to spotless exterior walls and maintained parking lots, Red Facility Solutions understand how much you value working at a safe, clean, and sustainable facility. With Red Facility, you can leave your facility care to-do list to us.


Red Facility Solutions is a leading provider of custom and comprehensive facilities management and maintenance solutions in Sunrise, Florida. We are a women-owned business with a skilled crew offering full-service commercial building maintenance support to our clients. Our capabilities include janitorial, glazing, handyman, landscaping, painting, plumbing, and more such services. We provide facility solutions to commercial establishments of all sizes and types. With our years of experience in building maintenance, you can certainly count on us for your needs.


Red Facility Solutions offers flexibility and various building maintenance services. Our crew is well-versed in immediately adapting to varying client specifications without compromising any facets of our job.

  • We are committed to creating healthier commercial spaces
  • We remain up to date to reflect best practices
  • You get access to our latest tool and techniques for considerable savings
  • We offer occupant reassurance they can see and believe
  • A staff with facility-specific training adds to the overall efficiency
  • You get a personalized experience to fit your needs.

We are a facility-care company, and we take our work very seriously. With us, you can focus on your everyday business operations while we care for your facility maintenance. Contact us to know how we go that extra mile to deliver superior services with the highest levels of integrity.